Important Information

We require government issued photo ID for ALL tattoo procedures.

For minors, we require valid government issued photo ID from a parent or legal guardian (with matching last name) and a passport, form of government ID or school ID/birth certificate for the individual receiving the service. Please call 905-257-7444 for more info on minors.

Each artist charges a different hourly rate, and will go over the pricing of the piece during the consultation. We have a tattoo minimum of $100.

We do not charge for consultations, however we do require a non-refundable deposit of $100 (or more) to secure the tattoo appointment(s). The deposit price is based on how many appointments need to be booked, as well as the size of the piece.

We require at least 48 hours notice prior to your appointment to cancel or reschedule, otherwise your deposit will be forfeited. (Preferably a week)

A confirmation email will be made a week prior to your appointment(s), failure to confirm this appointment may result in the appointment being cancelled and loss of deposit. We provide this service as a courtesy; ultimately you are responsible for remembering your appointments.

Deposits are 100% non refundable. **No exceptions**

Late arrivals (anything more than 15 minutes) can result in loss of deposit and rescheduling of appointment(s).

Any changes made to the design (after the consultation appointment) may result in a forfeited deposit and rescheduling of appointment(s). Small changes are to be expected, but please do not change your entire tattoo design as we will have to reschedule your appointment(s).

Only person may accompany you to your appointment, if necessary.

We ask that you obtain adequate childcare prior to your appointment. We do not allow children in the tattooing areas.

Do not consume alcohol 24 hours before your appointment. The alcohol causes blood thinning and excessive bleeding during tattooing, which will cut your appointment short.

Make sure to have a good meal before every appointment! Bring snacks and beverages when coming in for an extended session.

Stay hydrated in the days prior to your appointment.

Do not drink any alcohol or take any drugs (unless prescribed by a licensed physician). Please make sure you let your tattoo artist know of any medication you may be taking prior to the appointment.

Dress comfortably and in clothing that allow adequate access to the area that will be tattooed. The more comfortable you are, the better you will sit which is necessary for a good tattoo!

Do not pick or scratch at your healing tattoo. Follow the aftercare provided by your artist and leave it be!

Prior to your appointment, it is important to have a shower and mildly exfoliate the skin. Stay out of the sun as it will not be good to tattoo over sunburn. Do not apply any form of lotion to the area the morning of your appointment.

Focus on breathing and sitting as still as possible during the tattoo.

We do not recommend using any form of numbing cream on the area being tattooed. If you apply this without the OK from your artist, your appointment may be rescheduled.

In general, tattoos take 2-4 weeks to heal as long as you follow the aftercare that your artist has given you.

Avoid swimming/soaking your tattoo for at least two weeks or until the flaking process has finished.

Tattoo appointments are not transferable between people, as our artists spend a lot of time designing your tattoo idea. If you have any scheduling conflicts, please contact the shop and we can rebook you.

Tattoo Aftercare

This aftercare is generalized; follow the specific instructions of your artist. Do not follow advice on aftercare from anyone but the artist who tattooed you or a licensed doctor.

Choose an aftercare product that is specifically formulated to be used on a fresh tattoo.


How do I take care of my new tattoo in the first 72 hours?
-Never touch your new tattoo without first washing your hands thoroughly with a mild, unscented soap like Simple Cleanse.

-Remove the bandage or wrapping applied by the artist in a clean, familiar environment before bed time on the same day you were tattooed.

-Immediately wash tattoo with an unscented like Simple Cleanse.

-Do not scrub your tattoo. Make sure you are washing it thoroughly enough to remove all the plasma and excess ointment that had been applied by your artist.

-Continue to wash the tattooed area gently 2-3 times daily (or as needed) with a flat palm, and warm water, making a lather to remove any discharge from the area with Simple Cleanse.

-Always wash your hands again after touching your fresh tattoo!

-Apply a very thin coat of an aftercare product like Simple Shield to the tattooed area.

-Rub the product in well. If the area appears glossy from the product, then you have applied too much.

-Apply the aftercare product throughout the day as needed to keep the area from drying out. Apply additional aftercare product whenever the tattoo feels “tight” or “itchy”.

-Do not over-saturate your new tattoo with aftercare products! This will only “smother” your tattoo and prolong your healing time.

-If a scab should form, don’t pick at it!